Business & Commercial Risk

Comprehensive, tailored protection for your business or venture.
No matter what sector you work in we can help protect you and your assets.

The right cover at the right price

Whatever business sector you’re in, Network Insurance Group can tailor an insurance solution to meet your needs.

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A sound understanding from an experienced team

Our research based approach to your business means we will propose a level of cover to suit your enterprise. It might be an existing package from one of the Steadfast underwriters or we might need to research and explore the insurance market to find the policy that best suits your business.

Our Process

Consult & Learn

Consult with you to get a clear understanding of your business. We will ask probative questions surrounding strategic, hazard and business risks of your business.

Analyse & Design

Based on this information we will search the market for the best cover and consider the best options available for your business. We will design a proposal to suit your needs.

Deliver & Implement

Once you have agreed to your risk management plan we will implement and setup your cover.


We pride ourselves in maintaining on going relationships with our clients. We will check in regularly to ensure you’re comfortable with your cover and to ensure you’ve had no major change of circumstance.

Our areas of business insurance specialisation: