Workers’ Compensation Helpline

Dedicated phone support for advice and expert guidance on Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation can be confusing at times.  Employers know that it is a legal requirement to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance however in the event that a claim is lodged, the processes thereafter may be a little unclear.

At Network Insurance Group we understand that employers may be perplexed with Workers’ Compensation and we want to help guide you through the process in the unfortunate event that an injury is sustained in the workplace. This is why we have launched the “Network Insurance Group Injury Helpline”

Services include advice on:

  • How to ensure employers are meeting their Workers’ Compensation legal obligations
  • How to lodge a Workers’ Compensation claim
  • What timeframes are involved with lodging claims following an injury
  • Where to send relevant documentation
  • How to dispute a fraudulent claim
  • What information needs to be sent to your workcover agent to ensure that weekly payments are reimbursed
  • What does PIAWE mean
  • Return to work planning and how to support an injured employee who is unable to return to pre-injury duties
  • Complying with your return to work obligations
  • How to escalate service concerns with your workcover agent
  • Conciliation Conferences. What are they and what can be done to get the best outcomes?
  • National Workers’ Compensation advice to keep employers up to date on different legislative requirements for each state.
  • Completing Safety Incident Reports and how to instigate early intervention strategies to achieve positive return to work outcomes.
  • Clarification of when a subcontractor is considered an employee
  • Psychological injuries. How to support workers while not exacerbating a claimed injury or condition
  • How can workers compensation premiums be decreased?
  • Reclassification – Are you eligible?