Insurance for Mail Contractors

Tailored Insurance Policies exclusive to POAAL members

Network Insurance Group offers POAAL Member Mail contractors the opportunity to access the POAAL Master Policies for Public Liabilty, Personal Accident, Marine Cargo (Goods in Transit), and General Property (PDT scanners, V-Sort Frame insurances at competitive rates.

Package includes compulsory insurance required by Australia Post

The most common insurances required by mail contractors and covered by the insurance plan are:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Marine Cargo Insurance (Goods in Transit)
  • General Property (PDT scanner and V-sort frames)

Exclusive to POAAL members

These Group policies are distributed by the POAAL national office. To obtain more information contact POAAL on (03) 9654 4533 or visit the POAAL web site.

When you take Public Liability Insurance you will be issued with a Certificate of Insurance to provide to Australia Post.

Policy summaries and wordings

Policy summaries and wordings can be found at our POAAL document download page

Consolidate your insurance services

In addtion to your POAAL Group Cover we can also provide you with a full range of insurance services including Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Sickness Insurance and more.

Contact us for a quotation and more information. 03 8420 8700

Please note: POAAL cannot provide advice or information regarding insurance products.