Risk Management and Insurance Broking for the Retail Industry

The fashion, manufacturing and retail industry has undergone significant changes, including a revolution in how it delivers product to market. It can now be a truly global operation, with stock, fabric, and human capital being located all around the world.

Of course, all this needs to come together to deliver stock into store. If something goes wrong along the way, you are exposed to not only the loss or damage at that site but also the flow-on effects depending on timing, such as a new season launch. The consequential loss of profits may have a dramatic effect on your business.

Shopping centre owners and operators

Owners and operators of shopping centres are once again, facing more and more risk. Litigation for slip and fall claims are on the increase, as plaintiff lawyers find new means of extracting damages out of property owners.

We offer shopping centres a unique approach to insurance broking and risk management.

Working with our legal services company, indemnitylegal, we can deliver bundled insurance broking and legal risk management services. Not only do we ensure your insurable risks are identified, and cost-effectively insured; indemnitylegal can also work with you, managing your legal risk, contractual risk, and providing claims management.