Australian SailingManagement Liability Insurance

Designed for Accredited Australian Sailing Training Centres

Management Liability protects the individuals and the Training Center in relation to the exposures associated with managing a Sailing Training Centre.

In addition to the covers below, cover for insolvency can be made available following your agreement to fully disclose the Centre’s financials.

The key elements to the cover are as follows;

Management Liability

  • Individual’s defence costs, damages and settlements.
  • Public relations expenses.
  • Investigation cover (including OHS and pollution).

Corporate Liability

  • OHS defence and investigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Identity Fraud
  • Crisis Costs

Employment Practices

  • Employment practices liability for individuals
  • Third Party harassment/discrimination

Crime Protection

  • Acts occurring prior to and during the policy period which are discovered during the policy period.
  • Extends to employees, third parties and shareholders.
  • Destruction and damage of money or securities.
  • Legal fees and reconstitution costs.

Statutory Liability

  • Fines and pecuniary penalties against individuals and the company.

Tax Audit

  • Tax Audit Expenses

Policy Documents: