Travel Insurance tailored for Racing

Unlimited medical expense cover for Australian Sailing Members whilst participating in racing events overseas.



Cover for approved Racing events

Exclusive to members of Australian Sailing Affiliated clubs

Most Travel Insurance policies generally exclude any cover for personal injury/emergency costs whilst participating in any type of sport ‘Racing’.

The Network Insurance Group Travel Insurance Policy arranged via AIG Insurance is specifically designed to provide unlimited medical expense cover for Australian Sailing Members whilst participating in Yacht Racing events overseas.

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All policies placed through our AIG portal will automatically include endorsement from AIG to cover approved Yacht Racing events. Please read full conditions below.

Special policy coverage conditions

  1. This policy will not cover Third Party Liability attaching to a waterborne craft. Should this cover be required, we recommend you arrange this under our overseas Yacht Insurance Coverage detailed elsewhere in our website. Should you charter a boat overseas and require Liability cover, we recommend you arrange boat insurance coverage for the minimum sum insured on the hull as this will provide $5M Third Party Liability Cover.
  2. The Policy Wording is endorsed to note the following:
    Notwithstanding anything contained in the AIG’ Annual, International and Domestic Travel Insurance Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording [PDS JM 10/00237 [RB]] [“Policy”] to the contrary, the reference to “…racing other than on foot…” in “C) LOSSES NOT INSURED UNDER ANY SECTION OF THIS POLICY” C3 of the Policy, does not apply to Your Participation in an organised yachting race where such yachting race:

    • has been organised by or sanctioned by WORLD SAILING or

    one of

    • WORLD SAILING’s Member National Authorities, including but not limited to Australian Sailing Limited; and
    • does not involve vessels that are primarily powered by an engine; and
    • does not involve racing more than 20 nautical miles offshore; and
    • is conducted in weather conditions that the vessel is designed for and does not involve any racing between sunset and sunrise; and
    • is conducted in accordance with the organiser’s guidelines and requirements and the instructions of the organiser are followed at all times.

    Provided always that:

    • You wear appropriate safety gear (including but not limited to life jackets) at all times  during the yachting race; and
    • the cover provided by this Endorsement does not apply to the insurance provided by this Policy under “K) YOUR  LIABILITY FOR CAUSING LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, INJURY OR DEATH”.

    Provided further that the cover provided by this Endorsement only applies during Your Participation in the organised race itself and does not  apply to:

      • any other racing; or
      • any other travel by sea vessel; or
      • any other travel in international waters in a private sail vessel or privately registered sail vessel

    For the purposes of this Endorsement, “Participation” is defined as participation in the usual preparation for the race, including but not limited  to, briefings, course familiarity sailing and practice races. However, “Participation” does not include training or practice for the race that is not directly arranged by the race organisers in affiliation with the planned race.

  1. There is no renewal of this insurance available, should an extension of cover be required, or new cover by required you will need to reapply.
  2. Please read our Financial Services Guide (PDF format)