Enterprise Underwriting Solutions

Website: http://enterpriseunderwriting.com.au/

Origin Logo:

Use High Resolution Images for all documents that require printing. 

EUS White Text Logo:

White text logo to be used at all times against a dark background. 

Copy/Paste into Microsoft Office

For a “quick and easy” option if you just want to quickly paste the logo into an Office Document. Righthand mouse click on the below, copy and paste into Office.


EUS Grey

To be used as a background with white text and a green stroke. EUS_Logo_White_Text_Lo-Res_PNG  must be used as the EUS logo in all instances where this background is used.

  • RGB – R93 G103 B113
  • CMYK – C866 M52 Y44 K16
  • Hex – #5d6770

EUS Green

To be used with bolded text headers, strokes/underlines. Do not use as a page background or as a body text colour.

  • RGB – R120 G190 B67
  • CMYK – C58 M1 Y100 K0
  • Hex – #78be42